Choose to allow? Thanks a lot for employing us all, and thanks a ton to be area of the Axon system.

Choose to allow? Thanks a lot for employing us all, and thanks a ton to be area of the Axon system.

Get in on the million mask challenge! Through a contribution coordinated application, Axon have devoted about $500,000 towards nationwide law enforcement support to greatly help send one million face masks along with other particular appropriate equipment (PPE) to primary responders. We will correspond to contributions created to the Got a person secure strategy through May 31, 2020, and 100 % of resources will go directly towards aiding lessen primary responder experience of by purchasing surgical face covering, gloves and hand sanitizer.

Letter From Rick Handly

Promote general public protection reaches the main of whatever we create we at Axon, and also as we all stand along with you — the open public protection lovers — in the face of an unmatched challenge, you foremost and first want to accept all the who have been relying on . All of us increase all of our thoughts and wishes for recuperation to the individuals that unwell, and our very own appreciation to your primary responders and medical researchers which place it all on the line to look after folks that need it more.

The and safety of your workforce, people, and customers was extremely important to north america as we together navigate this developing circumstance. Our personal quest is always to protect daily life, and as this epidemic presents latest hazards within the health insurance and health your areas, we would like to display a couple of upgrades and methods we’ve been getting to be sure the greatest service for you, our customers, whilst continue steadily to secure rest.

Axon offers frequently administered CDC recommendations and has properly instructed people to my workplace remotely and maximum travel merely to that which is completely vital. We’ve got stepped up care methods in places which need to stay open to create on our promises, like our manufacturing parts and shipping warehouses, and any staff that being sick or features possibly already been exposed to is taught to be household and totally self-quarantine for 14 days, being the circumstances involves. These measures make sure we could continue steadily to give you unmatched services and products while aiding to protect the healthiness of all of our areas.

Promote our customers while they help all of our neighborhoods within this complicated energy are all of our top priority. You can promise a person that Axon’s buyers functions commonly expected to notice disturbance by the difficulties. Support, tech support team, purchasing, online shop and implementation solutions is operating ordinarily and all of us is upon us to aid. While others installation business and instruction is postponed because of newest circumstance, we’ve been operating straight with affected people when it comes to those circumstances. We may recommend remote options to conferences which would usually occur in person. You enjoy your very own versatility and open-mindedness when we power videoconferencing and restricted go assist in preventing the spread about this virus. We’re going to carry on and adapt to this developing condition aided by the needs of our own associates along with areas they serve in your head.

Axon’s international offer string professionals continues to be cautious and prepared to adjust to challenges when you look at the globalized planet. In 2019 the worldwide Supply cycle employees took action to mix up our present chain and worldwide processing footprint. Because these behavior the audience is in a much better location to use , when we are able to build and ship our very own critical primary production without to no disturbance. You really feel confident in the arrangements, although you can still find numerous unexpected problems that lie forward, we’re completely dedicated to employed through all of them with each other to ensure the greatest knowledge in regards to our open public safety business partners.

Thank you so much for working with north america, and thanks so much if you are a part of the Axon system.

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